Engraved Porcelain Trivets

Hot Pad | Porcelain Tile

Dress up a table or a special meal with delightfully engraved porcelain trivets.

Trivets are a great addition to your hot pad collection. A trivet can be used for both hot and cold dishes when you want to protect the surface you are placing your delicious food onto. They can also be used as a home décor sign.

Each trivet is made of porcelain and can withstand the heat of a hot dish very well. They also have cork pads on the bottom of them so the trivet does not scratch any surface you may place them on.

Choose the color that works best for your style: Black or Light Gray.

Every engraved trivet is unique in coloration, and those colorations are not flawing in the tile. But they are what make each tile beautiful and unique. The tile in the photo may have a slightly different coloration than the trivet that you receive.

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