Kids Craft Kits

Kids Craft Kits

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Looking for a creative way to have your kids do arts and crafts?  Or want a project for when they might be feeling bored.  Well, here at JulsSweetDesigns we have come up with some fantastic Kids Craft Kits that we are sure your kids will love.

Wood craft kits for kids are a unique twist on coloring.  Instead of coloring or painting on a piece of paper, they can now spread their wings to a fun wooden cutout shape.

At our house, our kids tend to color or paint something on a piece of paper, and then the fun is over.  With our DIY craft kits after the cutouts are colored or painted, they can then go on an adventure with the wood cutouts.  Our kids have played for hours with butterflies, superheroes, and fairies.

Whether you love farm animals, Unicorn Cupcakes, or monster trucks, we have a kit that each of your kids will love.

Each cutout is approximately ¼ inch think varies in size with each cutout.  Also, choose from several kit options.

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