I love creating elegantly simple and timeless gifts. And helping the modern gift giver discover perfectly personalized gifts.

~ Julie

Julie Walter

I love my job of being a Wife and a Mommy!

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and two handsome boys and a cute little girl. I am learning that the longer I’m married, the more I fall in love with my husband. He truly is a blessing in my life.

I enjoy cooking, crocheting, sewing, knitting, reading and even some digital designing. I have any Etsy store called JulsSweetDesigs, and a sister store called JulsSweetCuts.

 When I first started my store…

I was making/selling Business Card Holders, Diaper Straps, Nursing Covers and other sewn items.  I now make/design many personalized items like Blankets, Hooded Towels, Pencil Case, Water Bottles, Mugs and Placemats and many other items. 

Then, in the beginning of 2019… 

I expanded again and purchased a Glowforge! (laser engraver) I love the new “expansion” to my store!  I now offer many, wood and leather items like: Earrings, Coasters, Cutting Boards, Keychains, Ornaments, and more.  Many also have the option of being personalized!

With this new expansion…

I decided to also expand into another Etsy store, or Sister Store, named JulsSweetCuts.  So, you will find, not 1, but 2 Shop pages here on my site!  Though, they all still come from me and my original store name JulsSweetDesigns, I thought I would make it a tad easier on my awesome customers, like you,  to have them separated.

I keep busy being a wife, mommy, homeschooling, and operating JulsSweetDesigns & JulsSweetCuts, but I’m thankful for every minute.

God has blessed me with a great family and the passion and enjoyment to make/sew/design items for not only for my family, but also for others.

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