Wooden Journal| Wooden Notebook| School Notebook


Journals with wood covers are a winning combination of durability and style.

The front wood cover is beautifully engraved with the design you pick.  Wood covers also offer an extra protective front to the hustle and bustle of normal wear and tear life.  Even though it is wood, it also is lightweight and comes in a stunning faux maple finish.  The wood is made of MDF, which means it is sturdy, but not heavy like some wood can be.


Choose the inside that works best for you.  It comes in plain white paper or lined paper.  In addition, you can also pick from two different sizes to fit the hands or needs of the individual using it, 5.5 x 8-inch or 8.5 x 11-inch.


Journals make a great creative book to write down your thoughts, a favorite recipe, or make it into a sketchpad that drawl the next amazing picture.  Journals also make a great Back to School Notebook that can be customized with a child’s name or subject

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