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Have you ever gone to an event where you needed to bring food and when the meal was over you go to find your lid and you are not sure which lid was yours?  We have an excellent gift for you, engraved baking pans!

An Engraved Cake Pan or Engraved Pie Pan is an exceptional addition to any baker’s collection.  They make a great gift to any newlywed, new homeowner, or a friend’s birthday.

Each cake pan and pie pan lid is engraved with either a fun saying or a personalized name.  The cake pan and lid set is 9” x 13” and is 2 ½” deep, great for a cake or delicious gooey brownies.  The pie pan and lid set is a 9″ diameter and  1.5″ deep. They are made from lightweight aluminum, and the lid is easy to snap and is nicely secure once snapped.  Pans do not have a nonstick coating.

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